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Toilet Paper Napkin Tissue-Easy Kleen,1 Ply- 110gm

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Toilet Paper Napkin Tissue-Easy Kleen,1 Ply- 110gm

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Toilet Paper Napkin Tissue-Easy Kleen 1 ply 110g Easy Kleen tissues are   soft, absorbent and economic. This multipurpose product can be used for your home, office, party and travel needs. Our products are designed keeping your use and convenience in mind. It has been ensured that they don't cause clogging and they are dispenser friendly as well. These tissues are made using virgin fiber to deliver superior quality and hygiene. Toilet Paper Napkin Tissue-Easy Kleen come with an added advantage of being Eco-friendly and are made from regenerative forest resources or recyclable materials, thus also lessening the impact on the environment.This is a office use item.Hygiene products Skin care Skin friendly Anti allergic.This is a Dispenser friendly tissue roll. Use of toilet paper is a very important and easy way to maintain personal hygiene. Toilet paper is usually a soft tissue which is designed to dissolve in the septic tank. This is specially the case if the toilet paper is meant to be used for personal hygiene after defecation or urination. This is, however not true for all kinds of toilet paper. There are various other varieties of tissue available in various colours, prints and designs. They differ in quality too. They may be smooth or rough in texture, moistened or dry, fragrant or non- fragrant. Some tissues, especially those used for wiping the face are finger break-through resistant. Non- fragrant tissues are used by those who are allergic to perfumes. Even the thickness of tissue paper roll may vary according to your needs. It may be one ply, two ply, three ply or even more, which refers to the layers of paper used to make the tissue to make it more absorbent, stronger, and also softer. Besides hygiene, toilet tissue also finds use in padding and packing. Some toilet paper rolls also have a lotion or aloe coating to make them softer and gentler for the skin.
  • Tissues made from 100% natural virgin paper
  • 1 ply tissues 
  • Free from optical brightening agent (OBA)
  • Quickly absorbs water and gets flushed easily
  • Soft tissues with smooth feel
  • Safe and hygienic choice for your family
  • Standard Roll
  • it is a Toilet Tissue, made up of mix pulp
  • Brand: Easy Kleen
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