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Sharva’s Sesame Balls -100gm

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Sharva’s Sesame Balls -100gm

Sharva’s Snacks- Inspired by Traditions

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Sharva's Sesame Balls:

Sharva's Sesame Balls - 100 gm and pack of 1.These sesame balls making with pure vegetarian ingredients. It is like a traditions item and also very delicious snacks. Sharva's  is one of the fastest growing Snacks and also savories manufacturer in South India. This balls making with care from top quality ingredients and oil to retain delicate flavor and also taste. Just taste it, it's delicious and also 0% Transfat Cholesterol. Sharvas's Snacks are with a commitment to quality, Hygiene, and High degree of professionalism and also use of state of the art technique in the manufacture of savories and snacks. Ingredients: 1.Glutinous rice flour, 2.Sesame seeds, 3.Various fillings (lotus seed, black bean, red bean paste). 4.Sugar 5.Cooking oil for deep fry 6.Roasted peanuts. 7.Jaggery and also, 8.Glucose. Nutrition: 1.Crude Fibre:11.93% 2.Fat Content: 20.77%. 3.Protein: 11.08% and also, 4.Iron: 0.0018%.  
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100 gm

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Pure Veg

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