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Rin Detergent Bar / Soap- 150 gm

Rin Detergent Bar / Soap- 150 gm

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Rin Detergent Bar / Soap:

                               Rin Detergent Bar /Soap makes washing clothes a breeze and helps you add a new shine to clothes with one simple stroke. 2 nourishing meals a day, weekly shopping plus cleaning. Between all these responsibilities of running a house, you have your hands full. Fortunately, you can always count on the Rin Bar to lend you a hand. Its NSD technology ensures the bar stays dry whereas the easy to hold shape gives you a better grip. With its advanced yellow bars and a refreshing fragrance.

 How to Use:-

Step 1: Wet the cloth to be washed 2: Wet the bar 3: Apply the bar directly on the stained / heavily soiled area 4: Knead the fabric thoroughly 5: Rinse the fabric in water 6: Squeeze the water away and dry. For stubborn stains use a brush along with the bar.

• Dip the cloth in water. • Wet the bar with water. • Apply the bar on the high dirt areas. • Spread the bar by kneading the fabric. • Apply brush if required to remove tough stains. • Rinse the fabric in water till all detergent removes from the fabric. • Dry the fabric.

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