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Knorr Hongkong Manchow Noodle Soup – 46gm

Knorr Hongkong Manchow Noodle Soup – 46gm

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Knorr Hongkong Manchow Noodle Soup:

Knorr Hongkong Manchow Noodle Soup is a soup popular in India due to its easy preparation and also hot spicy taste. The best quality hand-picked vegetables and also mixed it with spices to make delicious. Thickened with stock and corn flour, and also flavored with generous doses of soy sauce, salt, garlic, and also chili peppers. It may also be garnished with chopped spring onions and also served with crispy dry noodles.

1. Made with 100% real vegetables.

2. Contains no added preservatives.

3. Ready to eat in 3 simple steps.

4. Serves 4.

5. Goes well with Knorr Chinese Chilli & Knorr Chinese Hakka Noodles/Fried Rice.

6. Chef's Tip: Garnish with fried noodles for extra crunchiness.
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