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Dettol Hand Wash Liquid Refill 175ml

Dettol Hand Wash Liquid Refill 175ml

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Dettol Hand Wash Liquid Refill:

Dettol Hand wash everyday not only provides your skin with delicate care and fresh fragrance, it also kills 99.9% bacteria and removes germs. Keep Dettol Liquid Handwash in kitchens and bathrooms to help prevent the spread of germs and create healthier family habits. Dettol Skincare Hygiene Handwash: With added moisturizer, it cares for and maintains your skin’s natural moisture to help prevent dryness.
  • Dettol Hand Wash10X better protection vs ordinary soaps, dermatologically tested
  • Available in Variants: Original, skin care, sensitive, re-energize, cool
  • Dettol's Trusted Germ Protection formula that keeps you healthy and protected from 100 illness causing germs
  • Use Dettol Liquid Handwash to protect transference of germs from your hands and also,
  • Dermatologically tested; 10X better protection vs ordinary handwash soaps
  • Available in Variants: Skin Care, Sensitive, Re-energize, Cool, Daily Clean, Classic Clean
  • Available in Sizes: 175ml refill pouch, 215ml pump, 975ml refill jar
  • Protects against everyday germs
  • 100% Soap Free
  • PH Balanced
  • Contains Moisturizer
  • Original, Skincare and also Sensitive (subject to availability)
  • Use before preparing food.
  • Use before meals.
  • Use after handling pets.
  • Use after gardening.
  • Use after household chores.
  Were you aware of the fact that Dettol Hand Wash provides 10 times more protection from stomach bugs and also skin infections? Washing your hands daily with it protects you from germs and also keeps your hands hygienically clean. Dettol skin care with added moisturizers: a pH-balanced formula along with Dettol’s trusted germ protection helps your skin feel soft and also healthy.
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