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Cash Voucher

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Cash Voucher

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Cash Voucher:

Cash Voucher - Size: 22 x 25 cm.  Hardboard back and also premium quality. Daily Cash Activity Handling Voucher Writing Note Pads. 50 sets and Made of Good Quality Smooth Paper. It is Very Important for proper accounting in Offices, Banks, Corporate Offices, Schools, and many more. Cash Voucher is an important form of evidence for reconciling the remaining cash. This is very important for a day to day transaction and also it helps maintain the proper accounts. This voucher is very important for any organization or companies because specific employees like managers, gm and also directors done expense for own an organization or company they take cash or cheque and full fill the company expense. When the company gives them a cheque or cash the entry will be recorded the specific person who taking cash from the company will be debit and cash or bank credit.

Premium Quality

Size : 22 x 25 cm

50 sets.

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