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Plastobag Bio-Degradable Bags – Medium Size – 30pcs

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Plastobag Bio-Degradable Bags – Medium Size – 30pcs

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Plastobag Bio-Degradable Bags :

Plastobag Bio-Degradable Bags, this Bag is Totally Degradable. These bags are environmentally safe and contain no heavy metals. The biological process of degradation returns the organic carbonate  in the material back to the natural bio-cycle as a food source for microorganisms.

  • Oxo-Biodegradable Bags
  • Comes in a roll form of 15 bags
  • A string is attached along to tie the bag after use.
  • Uniform thickness and also
  • Easy to carry
  • Optimum load carrying capacity
  • Known for its high strength, high load carrying capacity and light in weight, the offered garbage bags are used to collect waste
  • Lightweight
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Premium strength

These garbage bags are ideal for office waste as their volume and also strength makes them ideal for collecting huge amounts of waste in them. Bio-Degradable Bags design to ease the task of garbage disposal and the bio-degradable material makes it environment-friendly and also helps spread the word of hygiene and cleanliness. They are strong enough to carry waste neatly without causing a mess and large enough to carry it all at once. They also offer great flexibility, convenience and ensure a high degree of hygiene, in office.

  • Thick, strong, puncture-proof and ready to haul even the heaviest loads of rough garbage.
  • Low-density resins are both strong and flexible and also these quality bags can cope with anything from nails to jagged glass or splintered framing.
  • Great on site, in the workshop, or at home and also these bags perfect fit for medium cans.
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