Energy to Innovate & Participate

Using brains also uses energy, food gives you energy, need of energy is constant and short-eats keep supporting the intense brain-storming, discussions and sometimes working against time. While physical always did. Most of the young, avoid breakfast, so they can sleep a bit more, outcome of late-night movies, chats, browsing, gaming and streaming. So feeling

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Efficient – Read Now at

Efficient to buy the right quality, right quantity and right variety is critical for your demonstration of efficiency. Yes, efficiency leads not only to savings but also impacts your performance and delivery of your responsibilities. The words ‘ he knows what we need as an office and he ensures we have everything we requires’ are

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Savings is the most critical measure of adding value to your bottom-line. Some products and services that you need for your business do not add to your top-line but indirectly add to your growth, the functions which have the ownership of procuring these products & services are measured by savings-OfficeShoppie. Savings can be in many

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office supplies

What was a sword to a warrior, pen is to a corporate. How can the white-board marker not work, when there is a meeting? How can a pen and diary be missing to take notes in a business discussion? How can the important papers not be indexed, filed and stored. How can printer not have paper to photocopy or even print? These are the daily episodes that you observe in any office. People need to be appropriately equipped with tools topen-clipart-sword-1 work, tools bring efficiency to people work – they work faster and with greater precision, aren’t these the measures in most of the appraisals of people. If we want our people to efficient we require them to be equipped with appropriate tools, in an office environment tools to work are office supplies like – pen, highlighters, papers, diaries, note-pads, staplers, glue, files, folders, clips etc. all these items fall under the category of stationery. Yes, computers today have reduced the requirement of paper at office but not eliminated yet. It is still easier to take notes on a writing pad with pen than over a computer. Credentials still required to be filed, and papers still required to be stapled, documents still required to be clipped. How can we ignore their need?


Very interestingly in my journey I noticed something very unique – offices of chartered accountant, architects, and lawyers are full of stationery material. Interestingly, CA, Lawyers spend a lot of time buying stationery for themselves and are very inquisitive about new stationery items – I have always wondered, why?

Energy to think – Food is fuel not therapy

office supplies : We are growing in size – height & weight both, eating habits are changing. Now we eat all the time and we eat anytime. We have power lunches, working lunches, snack-time, break-time. Our break-fasts are on the go and dinner is either with friends or if alone it becomes multiple quick bites

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Productivity of people- officeshoppie

We ask our people at office to be innovative, to give more. Innovation requires creativity and creativity requires inspiration and a motivating environment. I am not saying that you require a beach to be inspired; no one wrote a classic novel sitting facing Everest. But the environment has to be clean and complete and that

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Rewarding your people- Corporate gifts at officeshoppie

While our people work for their salaries and other compensation but being rewarded is social recognition and elates status of our people. To be recognized is elating it drives you to perform, rewards brews healthy competition. And all that we require to do is plan, announce and give corporate gifts as a token of recognition

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Devil called GST – For our customer and customer to be

GST benifits Description: GST is here! Expectation has been set by the Government of India – Implementation of GST will lower the prices, that is the only expectation each of us measure GST with – It is unfortunate you can get return GST benifits! GST charged in every bill received today, the GST is being

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12 Desk Hacks To Make Your Employees More Productive

We have seen a lot of developments in the way that office spaces are run over the past few years – some highly technical, some cultural, others frankly fun-oriented like office desk products(anyone for ping-pong?). In one way or another, each of these innovations has had, at its heart, the aim of improving productivity. Some

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To deal with the multiple needs of people, is not easy to remember, to deal with multiple suppliers for Office supplies is even tougher, and then to deal with all the short-deliveries, mismatch of expectations, wrong orders, incorrect invoices, incomplete details is an even a bigger mess in procuring offices supplies.Office Admins / administrators or

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