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Energy to Innovate & Participate

Using brains also uses energy, food gives you energy, need of energy is constant and short-eats keep supporting the intense brain-storming, discussions and sometimes working against time. While physical always did. Most of the young, avoid breakfast, so they can sleep a bit more, outcome of late-night movies, chats, browsing, gaming and streaming. So feeling a bit hungry at 11ish is normal, coffee/tea is not sufficient and the hunt begins. For lunch it is usually a dabba or canteen or lunch service at office, and 4pm again the craving for a cookie or maggie takes-on. Choices are to leave office, feed and get back to work, or nibble while working and keep going. There are also guests that required to be catered to – bottled water, beverages and cookies keeps the traditions and culture, as it is said – guest is godly, customer is king and athithidevobhava.


The Food & Beverages category at Office Shoppie caters to short-eats, packaged snacks, mineral water, cakes, namkeen, biscuits, cookies, candies, toffees and beverages like Coke, Pepsi, tetra packaged juices for the thirst break. Kinds of tea and coffees are a given. Stocking these become savior at times. Snack at work especially during meetings saves time and does not let the momentum gathered break. Sometimes we hate-it that you are about to solve the problem and hunger-pangs hit you or your team-member and break the entire flow.

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