office supplies

What was a sword to a warrior, pen is to a corporate. How can the white-board marker not work, when there is a meeting? How can a pen and diary be missing to take notes in a business discussion? How can the important papers not be indexed, filed and stored. How can printer not have paper to photocopy or even print? These are the daily episodes that you observe in any office. People need to be appropriately equipped with tools topen-clipart-sword-1 work, tools bring efficiency to people work – they work faster and with greater precision, aren’t these the measures in most of the appraisals of people. If we want our people to efficient we require them to be equipped with appropriate tools, in an office environment tools to work are office supplies like – pen, highlighters, papers, diaries, note-pads, staplers, glue, files, folders, clips etc. all these items fall under the category of stationery. Yes, computers today have reduced the requirement of paper at office but not eliminated yet. It is still easier to take notes on a writing pad with pen than over a computer. Credentials still required to be filed, and papers still required to be stapled, documents still required to be clipped. How can we ignore their need?


Very interestingly in my journey I noticed something very unique – offices of chartered accountant, architects, and lawyers are full of stationery material. Interestingly, CA, Lawyers spend a lot of time buying stationery for themselves and are very inquisitive about new stationery items – I have always wondered, why?