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Energy to think – Food is fuel not therapy


office supplies : We are growing in size – height & weight both, eating habits are changing. Now we eat all the time and we eat anytime. We have power lunches, working lunches, snack-time, break-time. Our break-fasts are on the go and dinner is either with friends or if alone it becomes multiple quick bites of the left-overs for the day. So the most time we eat is time when we are at work, we reach office and rush-in for a quick breakfast,  this gives you opportunity to sleep a bit more or work-out a bit more. The when at office the chaos demands you to have tea or coffee as stimulant and if you’re a health-freak – green tea becomes the favorite beverage in office supplies. Water intake has lowered as it has no-taste and beverages are preferred as they not only give you energy but also acts as stimuli and in some case a digestive. To high-flying executives power lunches are scheduled are restaurants in vicinity and for the workaholics it is mostly a working lunch, when does the evening time hit you and the hunger takes over your performance, you don’t even come to know and then you continuing your work will take another short-bite a stimuli to wash it down and you will get to your performing task, till it is late and if not a weekend the bed is calling you and if a weekend pub is calling you or in some cases pub calling you all day’s. Out of the 5 episodes of eating every day, 4 are mostly during office. Is our office equipped for these energy boosters, for this fuel to deliver boss’s orders? If not, then how much time will you waste in planning, walking-out, eat, chit/chat, walking-in, settling down, figure-out where you left last and re-join the battle again and figure out if you missed anything at all.

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