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Productivity of people- officeshoppie

We ask our people at office to be innovative, to give more. Innovation requires creativity and creativity requires inspiration and a motivating environment. I am not saying that you require a beach to be inspired; no one wrote a classic novel sitting facing Everest. But the environment has to be clean and complete and that is motivating enough. People are seen to be more productive when they have the required tools like office products, well fed and environment is healthy.

For the same you require to ensure the work spaces for your employees are clean and hygiene is maintained. Your people should be well equipped with tools like pen, markers, highlighters, papers, staplers, envelopes etc. and finger food is handy to keep the body pumping with energy to think and execute. If you want your people/employees to be innovative, put their back into work, meet your deadlines, perform under-pressure the least we can do is provide them with appropriate tools which is stationery, keep the environment clean and healthy which is by house-keeping, and finally energy to work by making short-eats available to them. For all you’re such needs log into

  It doesn’t matter what you do or where you work – everyone is looking for ways to be more productive on the job. But excessive amounts of caffeine and list-making won’t get you any closer to reaching peak productivity levels today. So, why are we all so obsessed with productivity?

the productivity (performance) of a business unit is a direct function of the productive behavior of each of the individuals and groups within the unit.

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