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Devil called GST – For our customer and customer to be

GST benifits Description:

GST is here! Expectation has been set by the Government of India – Implementation of GST will lower the prices, that is the only expectation each of us measure GST with – It is unfortunate you can get return GST benifits!

GST charged in every bill received today, the GST is being validated and even questioned. Every price being paid today is being compared with the price paid last, in hope of a lottery to fame – you have finally found a product whose prices have reduced.

However, until now the chaos has sustained itself – Prices being charged in the open market are ridiculous – some are pasting stickers over MRP, some have defined there own MRP (see attached article), this will continue till the post GST MRP stocks come into retail, the question is when will that be, will it be.

Today, the buyers are being taken for a ride but are helpless, they still need to buy products of their needs, they need to make their office work, they need to go-on.

Unfortunately, some sellers are inappropriately profiteering in the chaos, other sellers continue to worry about their losses on stock due to fall in prices or change in taxes – irrespective as we see the confusion prevails and the price is paid by the buyersGST. that is GST benifits.

Fact is that Government of India on implementation of GST never expected anyone to make losses or absorb losses.

The expectation was in the spirit that as the consolidation of taxes will reduce the overall direct & indirect, authorized & unauthorized, normal & abnormal costs thus the impact will will lower the cost of production & distribution.

Thus, has hoped that the benefit of this lowered cost will reach the consumer – the last mile buyer.

But as we all now that the chain of supply in India is long and somewhat also becomes un-transparent in-between thus, chances are very remote that the entire benefit will get passed, we all know that but to hope is good, and keeps us going.

It is true, that the price will either remain same or maybe even go higher as the tax slab of GST has made the amount of tax higher than prevalent in VAT.

Yes, this is another concern consumers are reeling under and now continue helplessly adopt to the change – kar bhi kya sakte hain. 

However, because you are already a customer or will be soon for sure, you are protected from any such confusion and concerns.

Your is GST complaint and will continue to adopt the changes in-time as the GST regime matures.

At we anticipate that there will be more changes as the market adopts GST, people and policy makers are influenced by various bodies at large and the election nears.

At all product are GST inclusive, the MRP printed is well honored old stocks, new stocks does not matter – If and if  there are any losses to bear, we are sure that the tax department will support us, as our opening balance of stocks are verified and we be able to make good any losses made because of changes from VAT to GST, customers of need not worry.

The GST % applicable is also being continuously verified and corrected, and if any corrections retrospective, we will ensure that our customers also are given the due credit for the corrections applied – we have a few cases already where the corrections have been applied and benefits effected.

Our invoices are GST compliant, they are valid for your GST input credit i.e., against the GST being charged by you in your business for sales or services you render.

we share all GST details with our customers and expect them to take full advantage of the credit benefit provided by the Government.

Our invoices at carry complete break-down of GST charged on every item for transparency to our customers item by item. We also ensure our customers that all our purchases & suppliers are GST compliant so the chain of GST benefits remains unbroken, this is to benefit our customers, benefit our society and remain compliant to the law of the land. We at have recently noticed that the prices less GST have shown a marginal drop in several products but unfortunately, due to increased GST rates the price have become higher.

While the drop is beneficial, the increase because of GST can be set-off by credit eventually benefitting our customers of

Compliance and such transparency will motivate our customers and even others you know who can be the customers of after hearing from you to buy office supplies from,

where compliance is complete and GST benefits are ensured.


Our customers are our asset, our ability to service and supply their office needs is what keeps us growing and not profiteering from these opportunities out of chaos.

Our nature to service our customers retains our customer loyalty which we believe will sustain us and support us in striving to make your office supplies work for you.

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