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To deal with the multiple needs of people, is not easy to remember, to deal with multiple suppliers for Office supplies is even tougher, and then to deal with all the short-deliveries, mismatch of expectations, wrong orders, incorrect invoices, incomplete details is an even a bigger mess in procuring offices supplies.Office Admins / administrators or people who wear this ‘crown of thorns’ as an additional responsibility  (the odd part is ‘additional’) deal with this every month, month-on-month.convenience office supplies

This typhoon of procuring office supplies and manage office supplies comes to the town every month to be fulfilled, in some cases it is weekly – no doubt it is an nightmare. In time, many of us have learnt to live with the burden of purchasing office supplies  or let us say have trained ourselves to it, some of us have accommodated to it and some of us also have seemingly resolved it – in the end fooling ourselves into – everything is ok, now we do not want to disturb the process.’


We need to understand that in the millennia it is good to expect, it is good to demand as it should be – thus we saw Ola, Book My Show, Make my trip etc. – Who would have thought Taxi on Call without a bout of haggling?  Who would have thought tickets to a movie or a concert without fighting the queues and using VIP connections? In the same manner, why live with all this monthly nightmare when you can always buy your office supplies from one place, at anytime, one invoice, complete transparency, delivered at your door-step, multiple options to pay, tax benefits making buying your office supplies convenient. Experience the convenience to buy your office supplies from

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